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Name:    John ("Juan") Xuna
Phone:   (954) I-am-Xuna   that is (954) 426-9862
Fax:       (954) 426-9331
Address: 1239 Hillsboro Mile,  Apt. 607,    Hillsboro Beach, FL 33062

Current (or most recent) Job Title:                           Vice-President of International Sales
How Long in Current (or most recent) Position:       3-5 Years
Total Years in This Industry:                                     7-9 Years
Total Years in Other Industries:                                8-11 Years
Other Job Titles Held in Past 3-5 Years:
        1) Manager of International Licensing;
        2) Senior Software Developer;
        3) Software-Venture Entrepreneur;
        4) Radar and Telecommunications Engineer;

Highest Completed Education:  Masters Degree
Computer Skills/Languages:     Visual C++, C++, C, Java, COBOL, Fortran, Basic, Assembly, Prolog.
Languages Spoken Fluently (including English):     Spanish, Portuguese, French, English
Relocation Choices:                                                 US, Latin America, Western Europe
Companies You Have Worked For (last 10 years):
        1) Independent Technologies Inc., Omaha, NE;
        2) LodgeNet Entertainment Inc., Sioux Falls, SD;
        3) Storage Technology Corp., Louisville, CO;
        4) Animal Science Software International, Two Rivers, WI;

Major Accomplishments:
        1) Started International Operations for LodgeNet.
        2) Started International Operations for IND.TECH. Inc.
        3) Created important software package for SPRINT (Oracle and Visual C++)
        4) Developed critical Test-Software for Storage Technology Inc.
        5) Founded two Software Ventures, one in 1979, another in 1991.
        6) Pioneered On-Farm Software for Dairy Farm Operations (early 1980's).

Most Experienced Working In:
bulletDatabases. From the design of the tables scheme, to the analysis of business rules, to the implementation of C++ code, to the interaction between the client and the server, ...
bulletVery experienced (more than 10 years) on international business deals, I do speak -fluently- 4 international languages.
bulletExcellent academic background and experience in Telecommunications.
Your Major Strengths:
bulletSoftware Development has been my "core" knowledge. Started in the late 70's, founded two companies, and still working on it. Databases, Internet, eCommerce. Strong in C++ and Java (Visual J++) also ODBC, JDBC, and SQL. Wrote many "stored procedures" for Oracle server.
bulletAbility to speak 4 international languages is a pretty unique asset, not to be under-estimated.

Current (or most recent) Annual Base Salary:        $70,000-$80,000
Career Centers to Post Resume in:                            Computer: Software


bulletOverseas, the demand for coin-operated payphones is decreasing. Card-operated phones are becoming the norm.  Not all, but many of ITC's high-volume exportable-products focus on coin-operated phones.
bulletTo make matters worse, capital-spending in Telecom is way down all over the world.  In my current VP position compensation -for the most part- is based on commission.
bulletI operate from small office near Miami.  ITC's Software Development Team is in rural New London, MN.  I lived in St. Cloud, MN, when I worked up there.  I would like to avoid living on isolated, winter-frozen, rural towns.

bulletAssignments in Software Development (Java, Visual J++, Visual C++, JDBC , COM , or Client/Server Database projects -preferably ORACLE), either as full-time permanent employee or as  freelance developer under contract.
bulletI would also be open to a Plant Managerial positions, in Manufacturing of Telecommunications equipment, Testing, or Sales (International)  of electronic systems.
bulletDomestic travel shall not exceed 30% (International 15%).  However, long-term assignment overseas with family relocation ( wife and 3-year old daughter) could be of my interest (especially in Western Europe or Latin America).  I grew up in a fishing town.  I like Florida, and would try to stay in this State, however for the right opportunity I would relocate, preferably in Southern US, or anywhere on the East Coast, or on the Northwest Coast)

bulletI am currently 'Vice President of International Sales'.  My employer is ITC, Independent Technologies Inc. (Omaha, NE). We develop test-sets, systems and upgrades for coin-operated payphones (Berry Test Sets in New London, MN, and Wintel in Orlando, FL, are divisions of ITC).
bulletWorking for ITC as Director of Software, I developed for SPRINT during 1998-2000 an Oracle Client/Server application in Visual C++ and ODBC (it administers  50,000 payphone Contracts, and calculates Commissions due on 60,000 of Sprint's payphones).  It is called "C&C" (Contracts and Commissions).
bulletI have been three years with ITC.  Promoted to Vice President 13 months ago.
bulletITC's website is at   Using MS FrontPage I have created for my company's International Operations a separate website linked to the previous one ( ).  Please, feel free to visit both.

bullet In addition to English, I do speak Spanish (vernacular), Portuguese (semi-vernacular) and French (I lived in Paris).
bulletI am a US citizen (since 1976) who grew up in Northwestern Spain, very close to the Portugal border.
bulletMy Brazilian-born wife is an American Artist (oil on canvas, feel free to visit her online gallery -which I designed- at She does her painting at home.  Therefore, she does not have problem with a -possible- relocation.
bulletOur daughter Alana would be 3 years old next Thanks Giving.  She does not go to school yet, making relocation easier.

  1. BS degree in Electrical Engineering (MAGNA CUM LAUDE - University of Puerto Rico, MayagŁez)
  2. MS degree in Telecommunications (University of Colorado, Boulder).
  3. Master in Business Administration ( although pending final Board Exam ) -Inter American University, CagŁas, PR.
  4. In 1993 I started doctoral studies in Computer Sciences (Colorado State University, Fort Collins), and earned 16 credits towards the degree.

bulletI have traveled extensively in Europe and the Middle East.
bulletEmbarked in several trips to Asia. 
bulletI have been in most Latin American countries.
Dedicated high-tech Engineer for two decades. In the past I have been:
bullet(8 years) Software Developer and Software Entrepreneur (Oracle, SQL, ODBC, Visual C++, C++, C, Basic, Cobol, SAS, Prolog). I founded two software ventures: Scientific Software (1980-1984), and Animal Science Software Int'l (1991-1994).
bullet(4 years) Director of International Operations for LodgeNet Entertainment Inc.  (a leader in pay-per-view and INTERACTIVE TELEVISION for the hospitality industry).  International Sales Manager (Europe, French Africa and the Middle East) for a multiplexer/modem manufacturer (Databit Inc).
bullet (6 years) Telecommunications Engineer (Radars and Avionics): Airborne Instruments Labs, and British Airways.
bullet(4 years) Production Manager (PCs and Storage Devices): StorageTEK and Columbia Data Products.
bullet (1 year) Professor of Computer Sciences: Inter American University and Ponce Institute of Technology.


Sincerely           Juan :-)

    Juan Xuna    Stuart, FL 34997

"LEGACY WEBSITE": Will remain unaltered for the foreseeable future.

     Phn: (772) 324-1123       Fax: (561) 210-1370        Email: